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Microspheres, a brief summary:

Microspheres, also referred to as cenospheres, cenolite, microballoons, ceramic spheres and glass beads are the 100% recyclable, non-hazardous, spherical, microscopic, natural ash byproduct of electric utility power plants.

Cenospheres are created when coal is burned and represent a small fractional part of the flyash contained in on-site, manmade ash retention ponds. 

Using ponds is an environmentally friendly way of collecting cenospheres. Allowing them to float on the pond surface provides for their separation from the heavy ash and a practical way to harvest, dry and utilize them.

Company History

USNR Microspheres, Division of US Natural Resources, Inc. is a vertically integrated cenosphere company harvesting, processing and selling 100% of equity production since 2001.

USNR Microspheres is the 2nd largest domestic producer of cenospheres and is located in Ambridge, PA. Our facilities are equipped to receive, process and store both raw and finished materials.

We have long term supply, sales agreements and site leases in place allowing for a consistent cycle of raw product to be harvested, processed and prepared for sale.

In conjunction with harvesting from 11 generating companies over 21 power plant sites in the continental US, USNR Microspheres has several reciprocal marketing agreements in place with large domestic importers. USNR Microspheres imports additional cenospheres from various world wide locations. A diverse range of product characteristics coupled with our quality control efforts, allows us to meet or exceed the required specifications of each client. This combination of domestic and imported material means that we are able to provide year round microsphere production/delivery.

We private label our products.

USNR Microspheres ensures each new power plant supply account under development that we will accommodate them by providing the essential function of timely cenosphere removal. This function is critical as each power plant produces flyash on a daily basis and timely harvesting and removal of the cenospheres prevent potential negative environmental impact.


Our Mission

To provide consistently high quality ceramic hollow microspheres which are suitable for a variety of applications.

Contact Information

Please feel free to phone, mail or email us at the numbers and addresses listed below.

Postal address
212 State Street, Belle Vernon, PA 15012
Electronic mail
General Information: info@usnrenergy.com
Sales: sales@usnrenergy.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: admin@usnrenergy.com


Send mail to info@usnr-energy.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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